Evangelistic Revival 2011

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Evangelistic Revival 2011

Waycross Seventh-day Adventist Church 

will be hosting a
Week of Renewal
   September 12-16, 2011  

7:00 pm nightly
314 Lee Ave 

(across from the Library)

The following messages will be presented by Pastor Andrew Shurtliff:
9-12-11... 7pm
"From the Beginning to the Beginning of the End"
Take a journey
from the beginning of time to the troubled waters prevailing just before the end of the world.
Learn how to stand firm for Jersus through the dark days ahead.

9-13-11... 7pm
"The oldest trick Not  in The Book"

Does it really matter what I believe?
How can I know truth from error?
How can I be sure my beliefs are grounded in the Word of God?
Find answers to these questions and many others
as we unmask Satan's oldest deception through the ancient truths of God's Word.

9-14-11... 7pm
"A Moral Compass in an Immoral World"

Why is it that in our day of political correctness and social enlightenment
that Evil triumphs more than ever before?
Discover the most successful deception of the Enemy to date,
and how to reverse the tide of evil sweeping into the home and church

9-15-11... 7pm
"Come unto Me... and I Will Give You Rest"

Are you tired physically, mentally and/or spiritually?
Discover the lie America has bought into... hook, line and sinker,  
and the truth of God's Word that can set you free!
Come and hear the best possible news
and discover how to truly enter the rest God has for you.

9-16-11... 7pm
"Soon and Very Soon We are Going to See The King!"

Are you ready to meet the Ancient of Days?
Come learn about that Great Day which will be a terror to some and a joy to others.
Learn about the greatest deception to take place just before the return of Christ
and how to be sure you will stand for Jesus!