ADVENTURER CLUB Highlights from 2010

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ADVENTURER CLUB Highlights from 2010
Camping, fishing, planting seeds.
Collecting, sharing, flying kites.
Exploring, studying bugs, playing with friends.

That's just a few of the many things
our Waycross Adventurers
had fun doing as they learned more
about our awesome God through His Creation.
Come, take a short photo journey with us
as we remember some of the highlights of 2010.

 The Waycross SDA Adventure Club
had their campout in Hoboken, Georgia in March. 
It was hosted by Miss Beth at the pond and dock near her home.
It was so much fun!
The Adventurers worked on their Camping and Kites honors,
and Miss Beth made up a new honor-- Fishing!

Looks like they played a little 'king-of-the-mountain' too.

Sitting around the campfire

In September, the Adventurers
worked on the Seed Fun honor taught by Mr. Will. 
They did this honor in the shade
of the big live oak trees at the Waycross church.
The kids were really excited as they planted
seven types of seeds, including rosemary and cilantro.

This little one doesn't seem to mind getting dirty.

The parents really enjoyed helping their kids with this honor. 
Here Abbie gets some extra help from her Mom.  

September is still pretty warm here in South Georgia 
so most of the children do their best gardening barefoot!


October finds us working on the Ladybug honor in class.

These Adventurers are working on their 'My Self' requirements.
They are drawing and coloring pictures of people
who are special to them and who make them feel special.

In October, we also took a field trip
to the Bacon County Fire Department and Sheriff's office. 
The Firefighters and Police officers were great
and the kids really enjoyed themselves!

These Adventurers love firefighters
so getting to sit on a real fire truck with a real fire hat
was a lot of fun.

But as you might imagine, getting to point the big hose
was one of the highlights of the day!

The Adventurers on the back of a fire truck with their new fire hats!
Thank you firefighters!!
Little Elora Jane takes her hat with her on all camping trips.
She knows there will be a campfire and she will need her fire hat!

We also got to visit with the Bacon County Sheriff's office

Pathfinders and Adventurers went camping
at Fort Clinch near Fernandina Beach, Florida in December
and they took a tour of the fort on Sunday morning.

It's nearly sundown on Sabbath afternoon. 
The Adventurers have been on a nature walk to gather items
for the Leaves and Trees honors.
This big palm tree log has been alot of fun!

We are ready for a little adventure at Fort Clinch!
Fort Clinch is a Civil War era fort.
A tour of the fort will take us back to 1864.

History is brought to life as soldiers
perform re-enactments of everday fort operations.
As we go atop the walls of the fort
we are able to closely examine the cannons.
This is a great vantage point to see both the St.Mary's River
and the Atlantic Ocean

So much fun and just beautiful!
To all our little Adventurer friends who didn't get to be with us,
we missed you.
A big thanks to Miss Liz
for all the pictures and info on this page!