Ladies Home Fellowship

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Ladies Home Fellowship
So much fun! 
So many good friends! Such good food!

Acts 2:46-47..."They broke bread in their homes and ate together
with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people." ...

Spending time together, growing closer as friends... 
these are the ways we connect with each other.
The closer we are, the better we are able to help each other.
The more we care about and show our love for each other,
the more closely we obey the command of our Savior and Lord Jesus,
"Love your neighbor as yourself"

according to Mark 12:31. 


Once a month someone may choose to be the hostess.
It is up to the hostess to decide a menu or to have a potluck luncheon.
The hostess has choice of theme, activities and a devotion...
Reguardless you can be assured
Waycross SDA Ladies Home Fellowships are always good!
There are always good friends present!
There is always lots of fun and plenty of food!

It's all about sharing!
Sharing a welcome, a hug, a prayer.
Sharing our knowledge or a special talent.
Sharing some stories or our dear memories.
Sharing wisdom... what we have learned from life.
Sharing a meal, our hearts, our lives.
Sharing smiles and a laugh or two.
Sharing our homes.


Waycross SDA would like to invite all the ladies of our church
to join us at our Ladies Home Fellowships. 
Check the church bulletin or the Calendar page
for the next time and place.
Please come, join the fun and bring a friend.