Senior Appreciation Day 2010

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Senior Appreciation Day 2010
Waycross Seventh-Day Adventist Church honors it's senior members
in a service dedicated to them on January 23, 2010.
Each senior was presented with a corsage or boutonniere.
The Youth Choir sang a special hymn.
Pastor Rick Esterline asked all senior citizens present to come to the front
as heartfelt tributes were made.
After the worship service the church enjoyed a fellowship meal.

"We chose these flowers especially for you!
White is the symbol of completeness.
Flowers in rich white show reverence and respect.
White symbolizes the righteousness acquired through the Blood of Christ;
salvation, holiness, triumph, joy and light...
All of these we have seen in you.

Green is optimistic. Green is alive and refreshing.
Green brings to mind praise, eternal life, vigor, prosperity,
mercy, restoration, healing, freshness and new life...
All these things we wish for you.

Purple is the color of royalty.
 Purple symbolizes the royalty of Jesus, God's power, inheritance.
Purple is symbolic of deep respect, admiration, success and noble bearing... 
This is how we feel about you. 

We are thankful you are our big brothers and sisters as children of The King!
Our prayer is to continue the journey together,
gleaning from your wisdom and looking forward to the fun along the way...
with you, our senior members!"

We value and acknowledge the many gifts our seniors have shared
and continue to share with us!