Homecoming-Reunion 2009!

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Homecoming-Reunion 2009!
Waycross SDA celebrated a Homecoming/Reunion
with old friends and family on October 24, 2009.
Most of the church members were early to help with
preparation for the Sabbath festivities and to greet guests.

Pastor Rick Esterline was at the door to welcome one and all...
Steve Haley was the guest pastor for this High Sabbath.

A warm welcome for guests and family of Waycross SDA

Sabbath School for kids and adults started at 9:15am.

Pastor Haley enjoys the sanctuary class lead by Elder Roundtree.

Worship service is about to begin. Everyone is eager to find a place.
There are a few last minute details and they are still bringing in their luncheon dishes!

We prepare our hearts to receive from God with singing!

Pastor Rick gives the Welcome and encourages us to greet one another.

We greet each other for about 10 minutes!

The children and youth have a part in the Worship service also.
The Adventurer Club collects the offering.
The Lamb's offering is collected each Sabbath by the little ones 
before they gather at the front for the Children's story.
Both the kid's choir and the youth choir had special songs to minister. 

Worship continued with a slide presentation, a baptismal service and prayer.
Former Pastor Glenn Marshall was present to give the Invocation and Scripture reading.

Pastor Steve Haley's sermon was entitled
"Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Waycross"

After the Worship Hour all were invited to a Fellowship Luncheon.
There was an abundance of food and fellowship!

Will there be enough for all these people?

There are so many friendly people at Waycross SDA
and so many great vegetarian cooks!

What a wonderful gathering!

We might need a bigger Fellowship Hall !

It's all over but the clean up...
It was a beautiful day for all the folks at Waycross Seventh Day Adventist Church.
Thank you for all the help and efforts to make it such a special day!