Highlights from Pathfinder Club 08-09

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Pathfinders host a Bible Bowl for the church at Vespers followed by a Pancake Supper



                                           Pathfinders visit Callaway Gardens




Pathfinders participate in the Church's Fall Festival






          The Pathfinder Club hosted a Valentine's Banquet for the church and
     had a Mystery Box Auction to raise money for their trip to Oshkosh in August.
   They also collected recipes and published a Vegetarian Cookbook as a fundraiser.

  Boxes were sent by friends and family from different parts of the country/world.
       Sometimes the only hint as to what might be inside was the mailing address.

               Day trip to Jacksonville Zoo

                    Pathfinders also sponsored and worked the 2009 Pinewood Derby

Pastor Rick Esterline states, “The Waycross Pathfinder Club has been offering a great opportunity to our youth in developing a positive, spiritual focus for their life journey.
The emphasis given by the Pathfinder leaders has facilitated the decisions for Christ.
I really appreciate the positive influence of the Pathfinder club.”


In May 2008, two members of the Waycross Okees Pathfinder Club
decide to give their hearts to Jesus and follow Him in water baptism!
It's shoutin' time in Heaven!