Church Picnic at Summer Waves 2009

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Church Picnic at Summer Waves 2009

Waycross SDA Family Fellowship Picnic at Summer Waves- Jekyll Island, Ga.  July '09

                                              This crowd is ready to get wet!
We all met at the entrance to the water park  ...    some last minute instructions
     Ready for the slides!        "You have fun! We will hold this shady spot for our picnic."
            'Rain' was our forecast .... BUT GOD provided a beautiful day for us!          

   These little ones describe their favorite parts of the water park... Waves! Slides!
                                             We shared our favorite picnic foods... YUM!

                                  What is a picnic without ..... WATERMELON!

              Taking a little time to relax with friends before going back to the water...

                   Maybe have another cold drink and some more watermelon...

What's this?... Looks like someone else wants to join our wonderful church fellowship!