Waycross SDA In Retrospect

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Waycross SDA In Retrospect
A little history previous to the organization 
 of the Waycross SDA Church

*An effort was held in 1922 by Elder Marion King

*Elder H.F. Taylor put up a tent in the Fall of 1930 at the corner of Grove Avenue, assisted by Brother Dukes and Sister Rossie Oxford.

*In the Spring of 1931, Elder H.F. Taylor put up a tent at the corner of Lee Avenue and Hicks Street, assisted by Brother A.D. McKee and Rossie Oxford.

*On June 14, 1931 the new church was born and named Elder H.F. Taylor minister, and it was he who organized the church.

*A.D. McKee was Elder at the time of organization and they numbered 36 charter members.

*The newly organized church meetings were held under a tent at the corner of Lee Avenue and Hicks Street.

*The erecting of the church building started in 1931 at 314 Lee Avenue.


Taken from entry written by Mrs H.F. Taylor   June 1931

     It was the Fall of the year 1930 that Elder H.F. Taylor brought his tent to the city of Waycross, Georgia and conducted an evangelistic campaign at the corner of Albany and Grove Avenue. He was assisted by Brother Dukes and Sister Oxford.
     The meetings awakened a deep interest in the minds of the general public, and the following Spring another effort was conducted at the corner of Lee Avenue and Hicks Street. Brother A.D. McKee and Sister Oxford assisted in this second effort.
     We rejoiced to see a number of souls baptized into the new found faith of the Third Angel’s Message. At the close of our second baptismal service on Sunday June 14, we returned to our tent and we all rejoiced in the organization of a Waycross Church, which consisted of 36 charter members.

       Elder B.F. Kneeland, our Conference President was present.

     The following officers were elected to serve the new church:

Elder: A.D. McKee
Deacons: F.I. Thorinton & R.C. McLean
Deaconesses: Mrs. D.B. McLean & Mary Highsmith
Treasurer: R.C. McLean
Clerk: Mrs. A.D. McKee
Sabbath School Superintendent: Mrs. M.L. Beach
Sabbath School Secretary: Mrs. E.L. Taylor
Sabbath School Sec. Assist.: Annie Warren Walker
Home Missionary Secretary: Mrs. M.L. Beach  

                                                                                        Mrs. H.F. Taylor