2009 VBS

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2009 VBS
The theme for June 2009 was Castles & Crowns.

We took the students on a Royal adventure
through the character of God
by learning about kings and queens of the Bible.
Each king and queen taught one crowning point
about God and His character.

          ~ God has a plan ~        ~ God is Wise ~
                         ~ God is Powerful ~ 
      ~ God helps us ~            ~ God is Victorious! ~

            The "Royal" stage is made ready to recieve the kings and queens...

                                                     The Banquet Hall is prepared...

                     The Receiving Hall is ready... Let the Royal Adventure begin!
                       The guests arrive and are filled with wonder and amazement!

          Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Come, all children of the Kingdom, for a Royal adventure! 
                                           The king will teach us about our God.

                                           King Joash teaches that God has a plan.
      Make ready the Hall for King Solomon and his royal guest the Queen of Sheba.


                King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba teach that God is Wise.
         The guests go to Ye Olde Art Shoppe to create many valuable treasures.


            The guests become aquainted with new ways to sing Praises to God.

                                    King David teaches that God is Powerful

                  The guests learn more about God in The Halls of Knowledge

                                     Queen Esther teaches that God Helps us

                              All the guests are happiest to see King Jesus!

                                              King Jesus is God Victorious!

                                          Let the Banquet Hall be filled!

                          An Adventure prepared for the children of THE KING!