An Eternal Experience

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An Eternal Experience
Again, Lord, You offer comfort and encouragement to me …. You know my heart in ways that sometimes I find difficult to understand. Through the turmoil I felt over the past few days, You have been close. I thank You for caring for and loving me.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and a Word from the Lord added to that picture will carry the experience into Eternity!

This morning I was reminded of another eternal experience I had over ten years ago. Since early morning of the previous day, my soul was so downcast. You helped me to understand why and gave me passages from Acts 1-4.

Acts 1:24 gave me assurance that You know and are in control.
Acts 2:25 reminds me that You are there and will take care of everything.
Acts 3:19 tells me what I need to do… repent and enjoy times of refreshing.
Acts 4:12 I have all I need in Jesus Christ! And then
Acts 4:28-30 reaffirms that You are the Author of all history and You possess our future.

This morning, as I turn the page of my Bible, I find written in the margins, the account of how You spoke to me ten years ago …

On 1-11-97 as I sit reading my Bible, I see outside on the porch, a wind-catcher gently swirling in the early morning. It’s beautiful! It has little red, blue and white beads and as it swirls the low sun is caught in them and it is almost breathtakingly beautiful with red, blue and white flashes of light. I can’t take my eyes off of it’s beauty. As the sun gets higher it still swirls, but the lights are now gone, it’s just another wind-catcher.

Then God spoke to my heart. “I Am like that. If I Am a God that is too high up in Heaven, you still see My Works, but they will be only ordinary to you. But if you desire to have Me come down … in the mist of your life… closer than a friend… those same ‘Works’ will become miracles of My Love and Blessings to you and I will bring a Joy and Beauty to your spirit that will be breathtakingly beautiful for you.” (The next day I read in Acts 7:31&34) God Is Awesome!

Wow… It’s still true.

I continue to read from the book of Acts. Again, I am reminded that through hard times Your Kingdom advances. And the Good News of the Gospel has never changed and You are more that able to keep us safe and Heal our land.

I went about my day … I had seen the Fall leaves the day before but today I was totally fascinated by their beauty. I took a few pictures and entertained myself most of the afternoon with their images. I was beginning to feel a little guilty that I had taken God’s perfect gift and was trying to change it into something even more exciting. I told myself it was okay as I was just trying to add how I felt about the picture.

That evening, on the way to church, I saw the most amazing picture!

Thick clouds covered the skies, but beyond the pasture, above the row of trees in the distance, a thin strip of fiery brilliance flashed across the length of the sky. It was quite interesting and I remembered again that the Lord brought down into the mist of our lives was fascinating and beautiful.

As we continued on our way, the trees hid the sky from my view. I sighed and turned to look out the other window. It was amazing! The tops of the tall pine and live oak trees were ablaze with light! While the bottom two-thirds were still dark greens, the tops were an orange and yellow color in the light of that sinking sun!

I gasped, “Mom, look at that” and I wished I had my camera to capture the image. I thought of how I could make those pictures come alive.

As we traveled a little further, another group of trees lit up even more beautiful than the first! All along the road the treetops were turning oranges and yellows, becoming more luminous every second!

I knew it wouldn’t last long and I was totally captivated.
Then the trees lit up with the most awesome and amazing display I have ever seen. It was breathtaking for me. I know I will never be able to describe it fully. (How I wish I had my camera.)
This set of trees was not quite as dense as the earlier trees that caught my eye. I could see some of the tree trunks and branches. In that moment, the trees’ top halves were a flame with orange-reds and yellow-oranges but the trees’ bark was literally glowing in pink-oranges! Magnificent! What a climax of color!

The spectacular displays began to fade back to normal. The whole experience probably only lasted three minutes. As I sat back in my seat, I thought of how I had played with the pictures that afternoon. Sometimes I would do too much, it didn’t look real, so I would undo it.

“Nothing I could have done to those pictures would ever come close to the reality of what God had just done!” What an Awesome God!

Lord , You are more precious than silver.
Lord, You are more costly than gold.
Lord, You are more beautiful than diamonds.
Nothing I desire compares with You!

03-22-09   Written and shared by pamelammb